Different Methods of Screen Printing?

Screen Printing with Plastisol Inks (Most cost effective)

One of the most common inks used in screen printing, plastisol is a suspension of PVC particles in what is referred to as a plasticizer--a chemical additive that increases flexibility. This is used in the production of garments, and though it gives good image clarity, it has a very plastic feel and appearance.


Screen Printing using 4 Color Process Inks (Only on White Shirts)

Four color process printing is a system where a color image is separated into 4 different color values (called a color separation) by the use of filters and screens. This used to be done with photographic film on a graphic arts camera, but is usually done digitally with software now. The result is a color separation of 4 images that when transferred to printing plates and sequentially printed on a printing press with the colored inks cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black (the k in cmyk), reproduces the original color image. Most of the entire spectrum or gamut of colors are reproduced with just the four process ink colors. The four color printing process is universally used in the graphic arts and commercial printing industry for the reproduction of color images and text. 


Screen Printing using Simulated Process for Dark Shirts

Simulated process screen printing, commonly referred to as “sim process”, is our preferred method for printing detailed, color intensive images with a lot of blending and gradients. Sim process screen printing can be used on either light or dark shirts. Ink color counts can be as low as 2, but most often fall in the 6-10 color range.


Screen Printing with Foil adhesive Inks

Custom foil printing adds a new vividness of color to your shirt and if done well can really make your design stand out. Here are the most common questions we’re asked about foil print t-shirts.


Screen Printing with Water-based Inks

Water-based inks offer more penetration of fabric than plastisol-based processes and are employed when a softer result is sought.


Screen Printing with Discharge Inks

Discharge inks work by affecting the existing dyes in a garment, usually to lighten them.


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